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Nxt Car sold me a$10,000 car that cannot pass emissions.The owner refuses to return my deposit and cancel the car loan.Comminications is poor to none I purchased a van from NXT cars in October 2011,they were due to fix a few items in the van before I took it home.

I left it over night returned with my down payment. The next day after driving it home, ALL of the items were back broken again. I live about 50 minutes away, so I called to see when they could complete the items on the list NO ONE returned my call for almost a month,although I called 2x a week. Finally I went to get the car registered, the county said it was not in the system and extended my temp tags another month.

I asked my husband to call because maybe they would respond to him faster. The dealer told my husband it takes 16 days for them to process tags and to bring the car back and drop it off for them to repair. We finally were able to schedule a time to get the repairs with NXT. It was around the same time to go pick up the tags again, the tag office told us the car did not pass emissions and the car WAS NOT TO BE SOLD and to PARK THE CAR.

Dealer asked my husband to take the car to get an emissions@ 6:30 pm, we finally found one, and it did NOT pass AGAIN. We were due out of town because of the holiday so we needed our car, instead of giving us a loaner they drove to our location, fixed the leak in the roof and gave us a tag extension. During the holidays we recieved no further notice on what to do, although they were open. Finally my husband said their business is AWFUL, lets get our money back and end this relationship, we had already paid a car note and were due for another one in a few days and we had NO TAGS.

After TALKING TO THE FINANCE COMPANY, they told me they have already paid the dealership and NXT would need to repay the money to them to cancel the loan. My husband went up to the dealership to return the car but I really needed a car. Over the phone,I asked the dealer could I get another car instead because I need a car. NXT dealer told me to submit another loan app., they have a corrolla for me.

I did, please note when I first began the car buying process, and submitted my loan, they sent me emails and called me 5 times to tell me I got approved(WITHIN THE SAME DAY). I submitted 3 cars that were listed on NXT website for sale. I called Hassan/NXT for a week, leaving msgs, asking if anyone colud let me know the status of my app. I asked to speak to the owner, they had someone pretend they were the owner, they would leave me on hold for uo to 8 minutes at a time,when I asked could another finance person please handle my app because this seems difficult for the current guy (Hassan), the secratary sales boy said "You are making this difficult and that seriuosly Hassan does not want to talk to you anymore and I cannot gaurantee that he will call you back."I finally recieved a call(3dayslater) from the secretary boy with Hassan in the background telling him to say they couldn't get me approved and my credit was"*** poor" and that I should"make up my mind".

Then secretary/sales boy who requested that they only talk to me and do not like my husband. The secretary sales boy said NXT will fix all the problems with the car or I should get a lawyer. He said he already knows what is going to happen and that if I get a lawyer they are going to win so I should just let them fix it. He hung up in my face.

I paid 1500 down, 500 check, 1000 cash I have a reciept. This ordeal started October 25th until the present. I have communicated with Hassan, and the other sales associate who is also a secretary. They are unprofessional.Nxt dealers do not care about the customers after the car is purchased, even though they are at fault.

They lie and manipulate situations and are rude and careless.I do not trust thier work nor do I believe that they will follow through because they only do enough to get you OFF the lot.

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